​Why Us​

Headquartered in Jodhpur, India, NoteWorks is a leading provider of KPO solutions to a variety of companies around the globe. Our staff is highly competent in a range of functions including bookkeeping, payroll management, data processing, taxation and more. Outsourcing to us gets you a strategic business partner who continuously strives to make your business better with the best technology and practices.

Here are a few advantages of outsourcing your back-office financial operations to us:

​Cost Savings​

The biggest and most visible benefit of outsourcing is cost savings. Various business functions are managed at a lower cost and at a higher quality as well. Due to the currency and labor arbitrage between the US and India, projects are done at a fraction of the cost. Plus, outsourcing to our highly qualified experts means you get to save time, resources and money required to train in-house employees.

​Data Security

We know that data security and privacy are big concerns for businesses looking to outsource. That’s why we update our data policies constantly to comply with the requirements of today’s global companies, as well as with local data privacy laws, which stand on similar grounds as international privacy legislations.

Time Zone Benefits

Advantageous time zone gap between India and the US allows us to provide faster turnaround times and round-the-clock back office operations. Get your non-core tasks done while you are closed for business and wake up to your processes being streamlined the next morning.

​Skilled Professionals

Our staff doesn’t require intensive supervision or training. You can delegate a function knowing that it will be completed on time and with a great deal of accuracy. As a result, you’ll be able to grow your business and onboard new clients without stressing over non-core processes.


​As your external strategic partner, we can step back and conduct an honest review of your operations, advise on solutions, and provide results without requiring you to engage in political battles internally. The result? You get a reality check of your current standing and, more importantly, ideas for how to navigate the times ahead successfully.

​Freed-up Resources

Outsourcing gives you the freedom to use internal resources on core business functions by handing off certain tasks to an experienced partner like us. Previously occupied resources can then be geared towards critical things to improve your business reputation.

Access to World-Class Practices

​As your strategic outsourcing partner, we implement world class business practices while staying up-to-date with new innovations and practices. Skills that are limited at home are often available in abundance elsewhere, meaning you gain access to them via outsourcing.

Flexibility to Adapt

Shifts in the market come rapidly and often with no prior warning for most businesses. The focus, time, and bandwidth it requires to adjust to them is a big challenge that many companies struggle to overcome. Our team understands that things can change in an instance, and we are ready and capable of shifting practices when needed.

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