​Payroll Management​

In today’s dynamic business environment, human resources are the most important element for any business. While your in-house team may shrink or expand, payroll management can never take a break. It is, of course, necessary to pay personnel for the work they’ve done, follow all the statutory norms and file reports. Usually, backlogs in any one of these areas may lead to excessive charges and penalties.

For specialists at NoteWorks, payroll management is more than just a simple back-end procedure. We see it as a highly specialized function that requires a good understanding of payroll processes and utmost attention to labor laws. Driven by exceptionally skilled personnel, our goal is to provide you with a simpler, more affordable way of paying salaries, filing tax returns, and meeting necessary compliances stipulated by various government authorities in the US.

We are a full time Payroll Management service provider specializing in:

  • Creating and maintaining employee profiles on payroll system
  • ​Managing time and attendance
  • Processing of weekly/bi-monthly/monthly payroll from time sheet
  • Calculation of net pay checks
  • Calculation of federal/state taxes for employer and employee
  • Payroll journal and payroll summary sheet
  • Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly returns
  • End of the year W-2s and W-3s
  • ​Year end 1099 processing

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