​Engagement Model

NoteWorks offers a range of engagement models to suit your company’s requirements. Our team is highly trained and structured to handle your non-core processes. Outsourcing to us means you don’t have to worry about annual leaves or complex regulations. There’s always a readily available resource for you and your work always gets done.

Below are some of the engagement models we follow. However, we encourage our clients to get in touch with us to discuss which of these might suit their organization.

Fixed Pricing Model

In this model, we charge a fixed price regardless of the scope of the project, number of transactions or degree of complexity. Many of our customers choose this model on a trial basis and then move on to a more regular one.

Part-time/Full-time Individual or Team Resource Model

This is a more common engagement model where you can onboard an entire NoteWorks’ team or a single resource on a part-time or full-time basis. For your convenience, we follow a completely transparent model where you can monitor the progress of every task and address any queries the resource may have.

  • Part-time hire: You can hire a single resource from our back-office for a few hours per week for a long or short period to augment your existing operations. Time sheets are filled on a daily basis so you can know what time is spent on each task.

  • Full-time hire: Hiring a NoteWorks’ resource on a full-time basis is similar to recruiting a permanent staff member but without worries over holiday and sick leaves. This resource can assist you on a regular or short term basis.  

  • Team hire: Based depth of work, we can set up an exclusive team for your organization. You can outsource entire functions to this team. They’ll work exclusively for you, and require little or no training to get jobs done efficiently.

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