​Data Security

At NoteWorks, we understand that data security is the most important concern for our clients. We have implemented various controls and measures for data security and our team monitors them regularly to ensure that our clients' data is safe. We have always been highly conscious of handling sensitive client information with the utmost confidentiality. 

The following major areas are covered:

  1. 1. Physical Security
  2. 2. Data/Network Security
  3. 3. Confidentiality

​Physical Security

  • Access to work areas is controlled by proximity access card systems which are given to each employee which has their photograph, contact details, etc. and every entry to and exit from work is duly recorded.
  • ​There is a single entry/exit point, which is monitored 24 X 7 by trained security professionals.
  • Latest close circuit TV cameras (CCTV) are installed in all rooms and important public areas in our office.
  • Fire security and alarm system consisting of smoke and heat detectors, sensors, and a complete control panel in the guard room. fire-fighting equipment is also installed.
  • 24-hour security guard on-site.
  • ​Random audits are carried out to ensure security policies are followed. Non-compliance of the same leads to disciplinary action.

Data/Network Security

  • ​Every employee has their unique username and password to access their workstation.
  • Electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets etc are not allowed on the work floor. USB ports and other media drives are disabled on the computers.
  • Continuous monitoring of web traffic and disciplinary action taken for any violations.
  • Access to the local drives of our server are restricted based on the process the employee is assigned to.
  • ​Appropriate backup mechanism is in place to prevent data loss.
  • Weekly updates of the anti virus software on every system.


  • Every employee signs a non-disclosure agreement at the time of recruitment and any breach of the same leads to termination of employment.
  • Restricted access to websites and allowed only if it is a process requirement.
  • Continuous monitoring of web traffic and disciplinary action taken for any violations

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