​About Us

NoteWorks is a Jodhpur based KPO firm providing high quality, cost-effective accounting, tax and finance related services to SMEs, accounting companies, CPA firms and large organizations worldwide. Our services can be customized into a neat business package that suits your company’s needs. By combining high-level KPO experience with best in class accountants and tax planners, we’re able to provide our clients with a deeper understanding of their financial position.

We also specialize in offering personal taxation and financial advisory services to US citizens and Indians living abroad. We are a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who understand all the different aspects of international income tax laws, corporate taxation, Internal Revenue Code and all applicable regulations.

We are committed to providing back office assistance to CPA firms and businesses for non-core functions like business advisory, bookkeeping, taxation, and payroll management using our mantra, the SAI approach, which stands for: Simplify. Automate. India. Our experience of the Indian marketplace enables us to deliver cost and time savings by moving your back office work to our serviced office facility in India resulting in faster turnarounds time due to the time zone advantage. As a company, we make sure all our stakeholders benefit and keep looking forward to new opportunities for growth and expansion.

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